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Facts & Questions

  • What devices does this run on?

    This app works on any Android running Android 10 or newer and any iPhone running iOS 11 or newer

  • How many cities do you support now?

    We're currently only in Lagos for the launch but we will be expanding outwards

  • How are price levels calculated?

    Prices are calculated based on the average cost of meals / activities. Any place that scores above the average gets designated as a 3 star price, average is designated as 2 star and below average is 1 star.

  • How do I sign in at a location?

    Check-in at locations happens automatically if you've enabled background location. A push notification will be sent to you prompting you to check-in. If your background location is turned off, simply open the app while at the location and the option to check in will pop up after a while.

  • What if I forgot to check in at a location

    From version 1.1.0+15, we offer users the opportunity to report a failed check-in through the feedback page. Simply choose the correct reason, provide the check-in time, and submit an image for proof and we'll review it and act accordingly.

  • I am having issues signing up. How do I sign up?

    Some of our social sign-in methods require a very secure browser for signing in. This is handled automatically on iOS but on Android this requires users to use Chrome or Firefox or Edge browsers.